Real Estate and Construction

Transactions, all types of land or asset purchases, existing asset or forward purchase, with any condition precedent, leases, landlord-tenant issues, public tenders. Finance structuring. Guarantees and warranties. 

Land Registry Law.

Easements, Condominiums, property right limitations.

Construction Law, bid and tender processes. Services agreements with technicians, architects, engineerings, geotechnical studies, ancillary services agreements in the construction process.

Real Estate claims, construction malpractice, national and international arbitration proceedings.

Property and possession proceedings (formerly named interdictos).

Planning and Allotment Proceedings. Condemnations-expropriations, public and private easements, property right limitations. (See Planning Law and Permits).

Any court claim and appeal activity related to the aforementioned. (See Civil Law and Litigation).

Planning Law and Permits

Land Developments and Plannings, Master Plan, Site Plans. Allotment Proceedings (proyectos de reparcelación/compensación). Legal condominiums for the development of land -juntas de compensación, entidades urbanísticas de conservación-). Including the management, legal support and secretarial matters of such entities and processes.

Any kind of license, permit and authorization for real estate development (construction, accesses, electricity, water, etc.). Support to the obtainment and appeals in administrative phase and court claims and appeals.

Sanction proceedings, demolitions and re-establishment of legality proceedings.

Land condemnations-expropriations, public law real estate agreements, public easements (roads -including accesses permits-, aeronautical, water, costs, electrical, military). Property right limits.

Any court claim and appeal activity related to the aforementioned. (See Public Law and Litigation).

Corporate and Commercial

Secretarial Matters (acting as Secretary of the Board), General Meeting resolutions and minutes, Board Meeting resolutions and minutes. Corporate and Company Law.

Shareholders Agreements, company re-organizations.

Corporate Structures, Mergers, Dimergers and Aquisitions (M&A), Joint Ventures.

Corporate Agreements.

Big, middle size and small companies, national and multinational. Family owned companies and Family Offices, shareholders agreements for inheritance (Family Protocols).

General Counseling for Companies

Secretarial Matters (acting as Secretary of the Board), Corporate and Company Law.

Corporate Compliance, Corporate Governance, Anti-Money Laundry legislation.

All kind of Services Agreements, and cooperation agreements with private and/or public entities.

GDPR, online trade, new technologies.

General Counseling in particular in Retail, Real Estate, Construction, Logistics. We support as external counsels and we create specific teams to manage the legal affairs of the company as external, or with in-house teams (secondment and or interim teams), if required.

Legal Project Management.

Labor Law for companies. (See Labor Law and Litigation).

General assessment for the operational needs of companies.


Civil Law and Litigation

Civil Claims. All kind of agreements.

Court proceedings and appeals in all instances, until Supreme or Constitutional Court. Arbitration national and international.

Civil Liability. Torts.

Class Actions.

Bank Law.

Family and Inheritances.

Real Estate Civil Law: Transactions, Construction, Claims, Court Proceedings.  (See Real Estate and Construction).


Public Law and Litigation

Administrative Proceedings. Administrative Appeals and Administrative Court Appeals until the last instance, Supreme Court or Constitutional Court.

Economic Liability of Government entities.

Sectorial Sanction Proceedings.

Real Estate Public Law: Planning and Allotment proceedings. Licenses and Permits, Public Entities Authorizations (Roads, accesses, etc.). Land condemnations-expropriations. (See Planning Law and Permits).

Labor Law and Litigation

Redundancy Proceedings; Sector or Company Work Convention negotiations; Labor Agreements Terminations; Changes of Labor Conditions; Expatriate Workers; Top Management Agreements; Social Security; Labor Inspections; Labor Documentation and Regulations for Construction Companies -national and foreign- (REA, etc.).

Tax Law

BILBAO RUIZ y ASOCIADOS cooperates with specialized lawyers to bring solutions to our clients in their tax needs in the frame of any other area we are giving support to our clients, in particular Real Estate, Corporate and M&A areas. Also any independent and specific Tax need.